High-tech company montratec presents trendsetting intralogistics for battery production at the international trade fair automatica 2022

Niedereschach/Baden-Württemberg – The intralogistics company montratec will show innovations for process automation specially tailored to the requirements of battery production at the automatica 2022 in Munich (June 21 – 24, 2022). At the leading international trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics, autonomous sensor technology and new transport shuttles of the intelligent montrac® conveyor system will be presented in the specification for 40 kg and 70 kg payload. Another highlight at the trade fair is the integration of a multi-level montrac® transport route as a future-oriented intralogistics solution for a smooth material flow.

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[Translate to de:] The montratec GmbH will present new product innovations of the intelligent montrac® conveyor system at the leading trade fair automatica 2022 in Munich. Photo: montratec GmbH

”We are proud of our pioneering role for innovative and energy-efficient intralogistics solutions, which have already proven to be sustainable in the industry today“, emphasizes Sven Worm, CEO of montratec GmbH. „This is also underlined by the TOP 100 innovation award, which we recently received as a particularly innovative company.“

With a complete montrac®-loop and different transport shuttle types, montratec will present the various application possibilities of montrac® (hall 5, booth 305). Live presentations show the future-oriented implementation of digital logistics automation, e.g., by networking workstations and sensor-monitored, controlled reverse journeys of the montrac® shuttles. With the new shuttle type W070, transport goods weighing up to 70 kg can be transported shock-free and smoothly and for the first time, due to the unique sensor technology, also forwards and backward. Like all montrac® shuttles, the newly developed shuttle types also operate autonomously on the monorail and, thanks to intelligent high-tech control, independently find the optimal route to their respective transport destination.

"With the intelligent montrac® conveyor system, we are specialized in innovative and customized solutions for networking and digital process automation of intralogistics 4.0 processes in the automotive, plastics, electronics, medical technology and other industries," informs Worm. In addition, the high-tech company montratec provides cleanroom certified transport solutions for industries with extremely high hygiene requirements; primarily in the automotive and e-mobility sectors, e.g., for the production of batteries and displays.

"Especially for the high demands on intralogistics in battery cell production, the montrac® system offers flexible, fully automated, energy-efficient and thus economical transport solutions with a low CO2 footprint," says Worm. With transport shuttle speeds of up to 55 m/min, montrac® is one of the fastest rail-guided intralogistics systems and is also certified for a wide range of production environments, such as ESD, EMC, cleanroom (up to cleanroom class ISO 5), and dry room. In addition, montrac® is characterized by a maximum degree of operational safety, since each transport shuttle can individually be exchanged or removed from the running system without interrupting the production process. Due to the high-tech control system even a replaced shuttle immediately knows the original transport destination. Unique sensor modules in each transport shuttle monitor the transport route and ensure smooth and collision-free transport. Due to the modular structure, based on mutually compatible standard components, montrac® transport solutions can be easily and flexibly adapted and extended to changed production conditions. In addition, transport routes over several floors, interconnected via lift systems, or the complete installation of the transfer system under the ceiling as well as the integration of buffer zones ensure larger free production areas and a smooth material flow. The entire montrac® system operates with low-voltage drives of 24 V and an energy-efficient direct current, which is directly tapped from the busbar integrated into the monorail. In addition, each shuttle only consumes electricity during transport, so that the montrac® system as a whole is characterized by a particularly low carbon footprint.

"Our goal is to provide our customers worldwide with an industry-specific competitive advantage with the innovative montrac® conveyor system - in particular through individual, flexible, and sustainable intralogistics 4.0 solutions for industrial process automation in all industrial sectors," emphasizes Worm, looking ahead to the various montrac® application options that montratec will present at the trade fair automatica 2022 in Munich.