montrac® TracControl –

Your Transport System Control Centre

System-specific controls ensure optimum functioning and utilisation of the montrac® transport system. Our modular TracControl routing components allow you to precisely control and seamlessly monitor your system – regardless of whether the layout is simple or highly complex. Diverse interfaces enable the integration of external control components or overriding routing systems.

01 | TracControl 1 (SPS as master controller)

The TC1-IRM (Intelligent Routing Module) is an optoelectronic communication module for exchanging data to enable interaction between the shuttle, rail system and SPS master control.

The shuttle and TC1-IRM communicate with each other via infra-red signals. The TC1-IRM can serve as a communication interface between the rail system and master controller or as an autonomously functioning control component.

02 | TracControl 2 (montrac as master controller)

TracControl 2 offers numerous montrac® transport system control options, with modules comprising individual standard montrac® components controlled centrally by a TracControl 2 unit (TC2U).

03 | MONTRAC Flow Controller (visualization)

The TracControl 2 montrac® flow controller (TC2-mfc) serves to visualize, control and record the material flow in a montrac® system and monitors the system status. This optimizes the control of the system utilization and prevents blocks and congestion.

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