Rhein Köster takes future-oriented paths in vocational training

"Industry 4.0 needs education 4.0!" – is the slogan of the internationally established Rhein Köster GmbH, headquartered in Munich, specialized in the development and implementation of intelligent training systems for the challenges of Industry 4.0 in cooperation with well-known universities and industrial companies. Together with Rhein Köster China, the German 'dual system' of vocational and talent training has already been introduced in several cities in China. Further comprehensive Sino-German innovation partnerships and the expansion of dual training centers and public technology platforms for smart manufacturing in China are being pursued. In addition, Rhein Köster is responsible for the 'R&D Cooperation Projects' project in Germany in the ZIM funding program (Central Innovation Program for SMEs) launched by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

‚Relay intelligent manufacturing production training system based on Industry 4.0 standard‘ – training system for the realization of a small intelligent factory with montrac® as intralogistics system

“Our goal is to become the global specialist in education and services for intelligent manufacturing”, emphasizes Eric Moskwa, CEO of Rhein Köster GmbH. “Because education is the key to a company’s success and Industry 4.0 is only working with qualified professional and advanced training.” 

Together with well-known partners from industry and the university sector, Rhein Köster develops and implements modern and effective vocational training systems to enable young people with highly efficient and high-quality vocational training to have a better professional future and to lay a solid base for the realization of Industry 4.0.


The Rhein Köster GmbH was founded in Munich in 1986 and generally sees itself as a comprehensive high-tech company in the field of system integration of industrial process automation and robot application as well as research, development and implementation of smart industrial manufacturing technologies. However, the focus of the company with a global presence in more than 12 locations worldwide, in on the development of intelligent and sustainable manufacturing systems for future-oriented and sustainable training.

Primary emphasis is on dual vocational training research, the establishment of inter-company training centers with IHK / AHK vocational qualification certifications, teacher training, advanced training, online training and the reform and innovation of the modern education system in general.


“The Chinese market is booming. Numerous industries have massively increased their presence in China and are thus facing economic growth”, Moskwa explains. “With our strategy of combining ‘Made in China 2025’ and ‘Industry 4.0’, we are playing a leading role in intelligent manufacturing education and technological talent training in China.”


Over the past eight years Rhein Köster China has established and operated dual education and training centers, online technology platforms, education and training platforms, comprehensive strategic partnerships as well as industrial internet training centers with the Chinese megacities Beijing, Qingdao (with the Sino-German Eco Park), Zibo, Taicang (with the German Industrial Park with more than 280 German branches), Zhuzhou (the “Chinese Power Valley”), Weifang, Shenyang, Shenzhen and Jinan.


“With the introduction of the German dual education system in China and the implementation of joint learning and demonstration facilities, such as the Weifang Training Center, the Weifang Technical College and the Jinan Technical College, we are further expanding Sino-German cooperation and helping the intelligent Chinese manufacturing industry to keep up with the world faster“, Moskwa informs.


Currently, Rhein Köster has presented Sino-German cooperation projects for vocational training in intelligent manufacturing in Shanghai at the third CIIE Fair, China’s international import fair under the slogan: ‘Intelligence, Integration, Leadership’. “We see ourselves as pioneer of Education 4.0 for Industry 4.0. With our approach of Sino-German technology transfer, the establishment of Sino-German service platforms for the comprehensive exchange of technology knowledge and the establishment of cross-company training centers, we are promoting the development of standardization in Chinese intelligent manufacturing and integrating education and Industry 4.0”, Moskwa emphasizes. 

Among others, future-oriented intralogistics systems for training in intelligent manufacturing production based on the innovative monorail and transport shuttle system montrac® from the German intralogistics company montratec GmbH with headquarters in Niedereschach (Baden-Württemberg) were exhibited at the CIIE.


“Vocational training is the intellectual source for the development of technological innovations“, Moskwa stresses. With more than 20 different training systems and virtual simulations, Rhein Köster enables trainees, to interactively learn and train in various manufacturing technologies, intralogistics solutions for process automation and networked production, integration and programming of intelligent collaborative robots, automated control techniques, network communication technologies, and even the realization of a small intelligent factory.


The intelligent intralogistics transport system montrac® from montratec GmbH is also used in the educational facility ’Relay intelligent manufacturing production training system based on Industry 4.0 standard’. “Due to the intelligent high-tech control each transport shuttle exactly knows the transport destination and is always at the right place at the right time”, explains Martin Claussen, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at montratec GmbH. “We are pleased that Rhein Köster has chosen precise high-tech intralogistics 4.0 solutions with montrac® for the training of young people in the intralogistics of tomorrow.”

The innovative transport system montrac® consists of a branched aluminium monorail system and different types of transport shuttles that move self-centered and autonomously controlled on the monorail. In addition, the decentralized system control not only enables the integration of montrac® into external process plants, but also the connection to an ERP system.


About Rhein Köster GmbH

The didactics company Rhein Köster GmbH is fully focused on the core competencies of modern i4.0 training. With a variety of innovative training systems and facilities, Rhein Köster offers future-oriented solutions for intelligent manufacturing, networked and automated production and intralogistics processes in a wide range of training institutions, from vocational schools and inter-company training centers to universities. Rhein Köster employs 300 people at 12 locations in Germany and China. Further information can be found at 

https://www.rhein-koester.com and at https://www.rhein-koester.com.cn


About montratec GmbH:

The high-tech company montratec GmbH is clearly focused on its core competencies in the industrial intra-logistics and process automation. With more than 2,500 worldwide installed montrac® systems, montratec offers future-oriented solutions for interlinking industrial production and logistic processes in all industrial areas and in cleanroom production. The montratec GmbH has about 140 employees at the company headquarters in Niedereschach (Germany). In addition, montratec GmbH maintains direct sales in Europe, North America and Asia as well as further international representations through specialized dealers. Further information can be found at https://www.montratec.de/en.