Intralogistics company montratec presents new portfolio at the international leading plastics trade fair Fakuma

Premiere for montratec GmbH at the 'Fakuma 2021' - at the world's leading trade fair for industrial plastics processing, the high-tech company headquartered in Niedereschach (Germany) presented an extended product portfolio of montrac®, the intelligent monorail and transport shuttle system. The technical highlight: two additional new montrac® transport shuttles specified for up to 40 kg and 70 kg payloads.

Numerous technical discussions took place at the montratec booth at the world’s largest plastics trade fair Fakuma.Photo: montratec GmbH

"The focus of the 27th Fakuma was on increasing digitalization and automation in the plastics manufacturing industry. With our digitalized and autonomously controlled montrac® solutions we are setting the trend towards digital transformation and process automation for in-plant monorail conveyor systems", emphasizes Sven Worm, CEO of montratec GmbH. "Our new product portfolio vividly represents the variety of our individual intralogistics applications." With the new shuttle type montrac®-W070, now transport goods weighing up to 70 kg can also be transported shock-free and smoothly both forwards and backwards. Analogous to all other montrac® transport shuttle types, also the two new shuttles operate autonomously on the monorail and, due to the intelligent high-tech control, find independently the optimum route to the respective transport destination.

In order to inform about the various and flexible montrac® intralogistics applications, montratec had set up a complete montrac® loop with all different shuttle types on its 100 sqm booth. For illustration purposes, a small warehouse with ballpoint pen parts in small load carriers was connected. With this several hundred visitors thus experienced intralogistics live in simulated ballpoint pen manufacturing: after placing an order via barcode scan, a montrac®transport shuttle picked up the needed components from the warehouse and carried them to the assembly station. Visitors at the booth were thus able to assemble their ballpoint pen individually - while “experiencing live” digitally controlled process optimization in intralogistics.

”In particular, the new classification of our transport shuttles aroused the interest of our numerous visitors, mostly coming from Central and Eastern Europe as well as China and Scandinavia. We are very well positioned with our individual intralogistics solutions in all industrial sectors – representing a unique portfolio for a wide range of users like production companies, integrators and specialist dealers”, Worm sums up with a positive review of the international trade show.