TOP 100 competition: Intralogistics company montratec awarded for the second time in a row

Innovative strength for the future - For the second time in a row, montratec GmbH belongs to the innovation elite of German medium-sized businesses and receives the TOP 100 seal 2023. The German high-tech company from Niedereschach (Baden-Württemberg) convinced the jury again with innovative, energy-efficient, and individual intralogistics 4.0 solutions of the intelligent transfer system montrac®.

The montratec GmbH is a TOP 100 innovator 2023.

Based on a scientifically proven selection process of more than a hundred criteria, innovation researcher Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, determined the most innovative and sustainable TOP 100 companies. Since 1993, the unique innovation competition has been held in the company’s size classes up to 50, 51-200, and more than 200 employees. On behalf of compamedia, the organizer of the TOP 100 competition, Prof. Dr. Franke examined in the 30th anniversary year of the competition the innovative strength of 550 companies in the five assessment categories: 'Innovation-promoting TOP management', 'Innovation climate', 'Innovative processes and organization', 'External orientation/Open innovation' and 'Innovation success'.

"The renewed award of the TOP 100 seal 2023 confirms that we are exactly on the right track with our intelligent montrac® monorail and shuttle transport system and our innovative and customer-specific intralogistics solutions," emphasizes Sven Worm, CEO of montratec GmbH. "We feel grateful and honored about this recognition as a highly innovative and customer-oriented intralogistics provider. To continuously drive our innovation process, we encourage our dedicated employees to think innovatively, and to develop new solutions and concept ideas." Thus, montratec GmbH convinced the jury, particularly in the categories 'Innovation-promoting TOP management ' and ‘Innovation climate’.

The modular designed montrac® transfer system consists of a modularly, flexibly expandable aluminum monorail system and different transport shuttle types that operate autonomously on the monorail and independently find the optimal route to the destination - even via different transport levels and under the ceiling. "Thanks to the intelligent high-tech control system, each transport shuttle knows exactly its position and its transport destination, and thus transports the right materials to the right place at the right time," explains Worm.

"Our goal is to meet the challenges of Intralogistics 4.0 in industrial process automation with sustainable and customer-specific montrac® system solutions. For us, innovation means identifying significant trends and future customer needs at an early stage and setting new standards in intralogistics and process automation. In this way, we have been able to achieve enormous competitive advantages for our customers and ourselves in the past years," summarizes Worm.