Japanese ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corp. takes over exclusive representation for montratec

Niedereschach (Germany) – The German montratec GmbH cooperates with the Japanese ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corporation as exclusive partner marketing the intelligent monorail and shuttle transport system montrac® in Japan. ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corporation is part of the industrial equipment wholesalers industry and established in the Japanese market for more than 50 years in various machinery industries. The machinery-trading company is also starting a new business division Automation with montrac® as the core of building up Industry 4.0 automation solutions.

The modular montrac® transport system consists of a branched aluminum monorail system and various autonomously controlled transport shuttle typesPhoto: montratec GmbH

The Japanese wholesale company ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corp not only provides support from engineering design and equipment selection in the fields of “Machine Tools”, “Industrial Machinery”, “Food & Pharmaceutical Machinery”, but is also the leading provider of high-quality “Technology & Engineering” after sales services in Japan. "We are very pleased that we were able to convince ITOCHU of our innovative monorail and shuttle transport system montrac® and that this exclusive contract gives us promising access to the highly industrial high-tech market of Japan. This contract is a huge success for us," says Martin Claussen, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at montratec GmbH.

“First joined projects have already been launched and will be continuously expanded with establishing the new Automation business division at ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corporation. Here the montrac®-system will play an important role in establishing industry 4.0 automation solutions.” Expanding the portfolio by including the montrac® transport system, controlled by intelligent digitization technology, enables ITOCHU Machine-Technos Corp. to expand intralogistics and process automation while increasing the productivity and reducing costs in all various machinery industries.

Both partners are striving for an intensive cooperation aiming at significant growth in the area of smart intralogistics solutions for the intelligent automation.


The flexible modular montrac® system comprises an aluminium monorail system and different, autonomously operating shuttles. All shuttles are independently communicating among each other and with the track. “The decentralized high-tech control system of montrac® ensures via networked intelligence that each shuttle is in the right place at the right time and knows exactly where to carry the products”, explains Claussen. In addition, the intelligent, decentralized high-tech control system of montrac® not only enables the integration of the transport system into external process plants, but also the connection to an ERP system.


"Our goal is to provide customers worldwide with an industry-specific competitive advantage through innovative, digital and efficiency-enhancing montrac® investment systems with customized, flexible and sustainable intralogistics 4.0 solutions for industrial process automation," emphasizes Claussen.