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Constantly changing market requirements, customised products with a vast range of variants, increasingly shorter production cycles and the fully interlinked and automated production of Industry 4.0 present a set of completely new challenges for your intralogistics. Conventional transport systems such as conveyor belts will quickly reach their limits. Only integrated transport and process solutions with intelligent controls, maximum flexibility and optimum availability will enable your company to sustainably advance its competitive position and make it fit for the future.

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montratec helps you master complex internal transport operations and assembly processes smarter, faster and more efficiently. Our modular montrac® monorail system allows you to interlink production processes between robots and workspaces more flexibly than ever before. We call it "process sequencing". This enables you to boost the automation of complete production lines – from a lot size of one right through to high-volume production.

Leading medical institutions and industrial companies in the automotive, plastics, consumer goods, optics, food, medical and pharmaceutical industries use montrac® to maximise their material throughput and minimise cycle times.

montratec consequently contributes decisively to helping you take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. With smart solutions for Intralogistics 4.0.

Your intralogistics advisor and partner – for over 20 years

montratec GmbH was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from a globally successful corporate group. We combine the dynamic and innovation of a start-up with more than 20 years of intralogistics experience.

At our head office in Dauchingen (Baden-Württemberg) and our facility in Luzern (Switzerland), our 130-plus employees provide advice and support for your intralogistics projects. Our sales offices in Switzerland, Italy, the USA and Asia and our agencies around the world enable you to successfully overcome the challenges presented by Industry 4.0. with pioneering montrac® transport and process solutions.

montratec –

A global player

Through our facilities in Dauchingen (Germany) and Luzern (Switzerland) and numerous sales offices around the globe, montratec is ready to help you wherever you are in the world.


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