What is the delivery time for a transport system?

In a fast-changing time dominated by technical innovations, production companies depend on being able to react flexibly and quickly to their customers' wishes. Within intralogistics for the production site, the delivery time for a transport system must not exceed six weeks from the date of the order.

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Buyers of intralogistics transport systems often have the problem that delivery times are far too long.

In a production hall, the technical equipment and machines are usually permanently installed. Between the individual production lines, space is usually tight and cannot be changed. Familiar production processes often have to be changed because, for example:

  • Customers want high-quality products that require new manufacturing processes
  • New products are added to the product pipeline
  • Modern machines are purchased
  • Flexible production and small batches require new manufacturing strategies

The intralogistics in your company are faced with new challenges that the existing systems cannot meet. This leads to a standstill in production because the delivery time for a transport system is far too long for the new concept.

The solution to this time problem is an efficient transport system that can be integrated into your existing production structure in a space-saving, flexible and resource-efficient manner

The products of montratec convince by their reliability, are simple in the system construction and can be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

How can you optimally shorten the delivery time for your transport system?
The intelligent transport systems from montratec help you reduce the delivery time for a state-of-the-art intralogistics concept. The entire process from ordering to installation is well structured and subdivided into these five sub-areas:

  • Ordering
  • Personalization
  • Creation
  • Delivery
  • Installation

After only a short time, your production plant is back to full capacity and the delivery time for the transport system is manageable.

Ordering the tailor-made solution for your business

Ordering thetransport system of your choice is very simple and can be tailored precisely to the needs of your business using the configurator. To do this, simply download the configurator provided. To keep the delivery time for a transport system as short as possible, you can enter all important data into the configurator yourself and quickly find the right offer.

Using drag and drop, you have the option of integrating all standard components from the configurator into your existing production system. Possible connection points are automatically found by the software provided. The integrated user manual provides additional information for the configuration. This makes the operation of the configuration software very simple and self-explanatory. Even drawings that you have made and parts lists can be conveniently imported via the software.

In this way, you receive a solution tailored to your needs in a short time. Our service is at your disposal for individual requests. After specifying your ideas and layout details, montratec staff will contact you directly. We will take care of every detail and always find a good solution for complex challenges.

Personalization - step by step to the perfect solution

In order to keep the delivery time for your transport system as short as possible, montratec's employees can prepare a personalized system solution for you. Together with you, changes can be discussed at any time during the planning process and immediately incorporated into the solution. At the end of the process, the finished system is immediately manufactured by us for you.

Creation - everything from a single source in the shortest possible time

The production of your individual transport solution takes place immediately after placing the order. To keep the delivery time for your transport system as short as possible, montratec's production has an assembly structure with prefabricated parts. This means that standardized individual parts for your transport system are immediately available. Your individual ideas consisting of:

  • Turnouts
  • Curves
  • Lifts
  • Crossings

we will, of course, deliver exactly according to your ideas. All special requests on your part will be cut exactly to the specified dimensions by our employees. With ultra-modern technology, this enables us to process your order quickly

The advantage for you is that the delivery time for the transport system is significantly reduced.

Delivery of all components according to your requirements

Already a few weeks after the order, montratec delivers all components ordered by you. This guarantees that the delivery time for your transport system is shorter than for a conventional solution. This is due to the advantages of the modular design that montratec's system offers. You receive exactly the individual parts you ordered, which are then assembled in your plant by our customer service staff precisely according to the specifications from the planning.

Installation and acceptance of your modern transport solution

Similar to the production of the individual components, the installation on-site at your company is also completed very quickly by us. The individual components of your transport system are connected safely and efficiently. Because all parts of the system have been standardized during production, installation at your site can be completed in a short time with very few tools. The parts that are manufactured separately for you are integrated into the system with the greatest care. In this way, you receive from us a transport solution of the highest standard.

After instruction by our service staff, you will quickly be able to operate the system independently. Even small changes in the routing can be carried out independently without assistance. This shows how flexible your new transport system is.


Modern manufacturing companies are constantly changing the conditions in which they do business. When production requirements change, the internal transport system must always keep pace. Intelligent solutions are required to ensure that the delivery time for a transport system does not lead to a longer production downtime

Transport systems from montratec are flexible, efficient, and quickly available. From ordering to commissioning in your company, the delivery time for the transport system is manageable and your company is fully operational again after a short time.