Optimizing logistics processes through process chaining

In both the B2C and B2B sectors, the world of commerce is in a constant state of flux. Offline and online, customers can constantly purchase goods - around the clock, whether in a branch or in a web shop. For this reason, it is essential that all communication and sales channels are used and integrated in the best possible way


The hurdle to be overcome here is the constant optimization of all interfaces and processes. Internal logistics processes, in particular, play a significant role in ensuring maximum efficiency: large warehouses are no longer a rarity these days. Online marketplaces and shops, in particular, present many manufacturers and retailers with major challenges that need to be overcome. A control and material flow system should always be informed about where materials are located. This enables intralogistics transport systems, such as montrac®, to efficiently identify materials and transport them to the desired locations in a timely manner.

That's why optimized logistics processes are so important

Time is money - especially in logistics. Particularly in large production facilities, goods often have to pass through several departments - whether for manufacturing or picking and packing - until they leave the warehouse. Here, optimized process chaining can ensure efficient logistics processes and uncover problems that slow down or impede the flow of materials.

In order to sustainably hold one's ground against the competition, constant control and adjustment of the internal logistics structures are indispensable. Large corporations, in particular, are increasingly switching to automation - so it is advisable in any case to take a closer look at the process linkage in your own company.

In addition to optimizing processes, digital control of logistics processes and precise tracking within the supply chain support production in the long term. Thanks to the networking of logistics systems, internal processes can be automated, improved, and, above all, managed more cost-effectively.

montrac® is a smart transport and automation system from the manufacturer montratec that performs this task reliably and with high precision. The transport system ensures the best possible interlinking of industrial logistics and transport processes within the scope of production. montrac®can be expanded as desired or supplemented with additional components and offers a suitable solution for your company.

What are the advantages of optimal process interlinking?

Intralogistics is an interplay of different processes. In symbolic terms, many cogs are turning here, but they can only work at maximum efficiency if they mesh perfectly and smoothly. If there is a problem at one point, it is not uncommon for the entire production process to suffer or - in the worst case - even come to a complete standstill. As an entrepreneur, you should not let it get that far.

Process chaining is the keyword with which you can optimize your logistics processes in the best possible way. However, the same blanket solution does not apply to every company. The manufacturer montratec offers flexible, scalable and individually plannable transport system solutions for companies from a wide range of industries, which help you to make your logistics as efficient as possible.

Modular principle and low space requirement

Every square meter of space within a production area is extremely valuable and must be utilized as efficiently as possible. The montrac®transport system from montratec offers flexibly configurable, individually plannable system layouts that can be implemented even in the tightest of spaces. Goods can even be transported over several floors and directly under the ceiling

Due to its space-saving design, montratec can deliver tailor-made solutions for your company's intralogistics after a short development phase - even for difficult or very complex production processes and unfavorable spatial conditions on-site. This modular principle is the key to success for any company still looking for the right solution for their intralogistics processes.

The networked automation of processes requires digital tracking for the benefit of complete traceability. In larger production facilities, things can easily get lost or certain processes cannot be easily traced. This is made easier by the automation of montrac®

Thanks to modular TracControl control components, montratec systems can be individually controlled and precisely monitored without any gaps

In this way, the current utilization of the plant can be controlled in the best possible way, so that there are no traffic jams or disruptions in the material flow in the first place - should something go wrong. It does not matter whether it is a complex layout with a long route or a short distance. Numerous interfaces offer the possibility of integrating further control systems and external control units into the existing system.

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Predictive maintenance

Using a visualization of MFC data of all system components in real time, which can also be displayed on mobile devices, information about the system status and any shuttle can be retrieved at any time. For example, a specific shuttle can be tracked on the monorail transport track or controlled manually

Particularly practical: Predictive maintenance for the switches of the montrac® transport system can be operated based on the system information already recorded. If there is a deviation from the normal values, the system immediately sends an error message to the operator of the system or signals where there is a problem in production by means of light signals. In this way, system availability in production can be improved - and a possible standstill due to malfunctions is prevented from the outset.


The montrac®transport system from the manufacturer montratec is composed of a widely ramified system of aluminum monorails and several autonomously moving shuttles. These shuttles move autonomously along the rail and are equipped with a smart control system so that they are always on-site exactly where they are needed. They recognize typical patterns and, thanks tointelligent technology, learn when there are deviations in functionality.

Internal logistics processes are becoming increasingly complex and require high investments in many companies - often with accompanying losses, because the optimization possibilities are not exploited to the fullest or investments are made in unsuitable transport systems. The consequence of these decisions are costs which in many cases can be avoided by tailor-made solutions precisely according to customer requirements.

The montrac®transport system is scalable and offers your company the opportunity to exploit the maximum potential from your production facility. montratec GmbH is specializes in innovative solutions according to individual customer requirements in the field of digital automation of processes in intralogistics. Transport systems are used in a wide variety of industries, be it the medical, pharmaceutical, plastics or even the automotive industry.


The best possible process interlinking is crucial for the success of a company.

In the fast-moving 21st century, production and intralogistics processes are usually optimized down to the second to produce as cheaply, efficiently and reliably as possible. Precisely because there is more and more competition due to increasing online trade, many companies are forced to take a closer look at their logistics processes to uncover possible weak points. With efficient process chaining, the most critical interfaces and stations within a production facility can be made more efficient

Many companies are not even aware of the numerous options with regard to transport systems and opt for the next best solution - without considering possible losses. In many cases, online retailing, in particular, is highly scalable. As soon as the online shop and logistics are optimally integrated, sales can be sustainably increased even without an additional, too large investment.

montrac® from montratec offers customers the opportunity to maximize material throughput with the lowest possible cycle times while at the same time ensuring the best possible system stability. In addition, the entire system can be expanded at a later date if desired. The monorail system montrac® is a solution that can be implemented in any space - even if the local conditions in your company are not optimal. The right layout is defined for each company in order to exploit the maximum potential from the available space.