Columbus McKinnon Corp. acquires intralogistics company montratec GmbH

Columbus McKinnon Corp. (Buffalo, NY, USA), one of the world's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of intelligent motion solutions for material handling enhances its precision conveyance platform by acquiring the German intralogistics company montratec GmbH (Niedereschach, Baden-Württemberg). With the intelligent montrac® monorail and shuttle transport system, the leading automation solutions company montratec designs and develops innovative, individual, and efficient automation and transport systems for interlinking industrial production and logistics processes in all industries, especially in the automotive, e-mobility, electronics, medical technology, aerospace, and industrial cleanroom areas.

The montratec GmbH Headquarters located in Niedereschach(Baden-Württemberg/Germany)Foto: montratec GmbH

With the acquisition, Columbus McKinnon intents to further expand its global precision conveyance market share in the field of intelligent movement solutions in material handling, David J. Wilson, President and CEO of Columbus McKinnon Corp., is quoted in a press release. According to Columbus McKinnon, it is planned to realize significant sales synergies in the industrial automation landscape with the additional use of montratec’s commercial channels, especially in Europe and Asia.

"Columbus McKinnon emphasizes the added value, particularly in the asynchronous control technology as well as in the extreme reliability, high energy efficiency, and small footprint of the montrac® system”, summarizes Sven Worm, CEO of montratec GmbH. The asynchronous technology enables the autonomously controlled montrac® shuttles to move transport goods independently in multiple directions at varying speeds on the monorail to balance the automation of complete production lines, increasing flexibility and productivity. "The combination of montratec's business units and Columbus McKinnon's conveyor solutions companies - Dorner Conveyors and Garvey Accumulators - creates a highly scalable operation by integrating the deep engineering expertise of the business units and the modular, customized design of each operation's intralogistics solutions", Worm concludes. "Together, we are creating a strong partner for our customers in the industrial automation landscape."

With montrac®, intelligent transport solutions can be configured individually for a variety of production needs from low volume and high mix to high volume up to high speed.

The montratec GmbH will continue to operate in the markets with its established system brand montrac®.


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