montrac® Rail system –

The Rail System for the montrac® Shuttle

The montrac® modular system encompasses all the components required to construct customised rail systems.

montrac® Trac is compatible with the TracSet profile system. Components such as curves, junctions, switches and lifts are all available to enable flexible routing.

01 | Trac (straight monorail)

The Trac monorail is made of a colourless anodised, extruded aluminium profile. Conductor rails can run left or right along a Trac, allowing flexible placement of the TracControl routing module.

02 | TracLink (connecting component)

A TracLink is the connecting component between two sections of Trac or active components (e.g. TracSwitch). TracLink facilitates the electrical connection to the conductor rails and serves as a feed-in for the TracSupply.

03 | TracCurve (change of direction)

A TracCurve enables 90° or 45° changes in direction with connection radii of 220mm or 520mm. Two 90° TracCurves can be used to create a 180° curve.

04 | TracSwitch (switch)

A TracSwitch redirects shuttles from one track to two or vice-versa. Narrow radii enable junctions to be created within confined spaces.

05 | TracSwitch Arena (switch)

A TracSwitch Arena redirects shuttles from a track onto a bypass or further on/back to the main track. As a consequence, a single component enables a complete bypass to be created and used.

06 | TracCrossing (junction)

A TracCrossing allows two tracks running at right angles to cross.

07 | FlexTrac (incline)

FlexTrac enables height variations on a track to be overcome through inclined travel. Depending on the configuration, shuttles can move up an incline of up to 12°.

08 | TracDoor (through access for staff)

The TracDoor allows employees to pass through a montrac® line or access, for example, work centres within the line.

09 | Lift (vertical transport)

The lift is used to vertically transport shuttles. For example to link up two or more systems at different operational heights or to move shuttles from a station to a ceiling system or vice versa.

10 | IsolationTrac (electrical decoupler)

For larger systems with a lot of shuttles that require an electrical current greater than 40A, the system must be divided into appropriate segments in terms of power supply. These are electrically decoupled from one another using two IsolationTracs.

11 | TracSupply (power supply)

The TracSupply supplies the conductor rails on the montrac® transport system with 24V DC voltage. Shuttles draw their power from the conductor rails.

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