The Versatile Intralogistics System

montrac® is the intelligent automation and transport system for interlinking industrial production and logistic processes. montrac® offers a broad range of applications and guarantees exceptional levels of flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

01 | Intralogistics

Intralogistics and production processes generally optimised down to the last second. montrac® maximises material throughput in the shortest of cycle times and provides exceptional system stability. All this plus flexible expandability of the system as a whole.

02 | Process sequencing

In terms of assembly automation, montrac® masters complex transport tasks in confined spaces and over multiple floors – from a lot size of one in any given variant right through to high-volume production. montrac® also enables just-in-time operation of processing centres – reliably, trouble-free and around the clock. This allows individual production steps to be flexibly interlinked – right through to systematic process sequencing and the total automation of entire production lines.

montrac® –

The Intelligent Automation and Transport System

montrac® is the intelligent automation and transport system to enable customised interlinking of your production and logistics processes. The advantages of the montrac® monorail system are clear: 

01 | Optimum reliability

The modular design of the montrac® system ensures the maximum level of reliability for the system as a whole. If a shuttle malfunctions, it can be replaced immediately without having to stop the entire system.

Production capacity can be flexibly increased by adding additional shuttles. State-of-the-art, early detection sensor technology on the montrac® shuttles enables the shock-free transportation of workpieces. This also allows sensitive components to be securely transported and stopped without vibration.

02 | Straightforward system design

montrac® monorails and TracLinks make assembly fast and simple. Thanks to Smart Logistic Technology, overriding control is no longer required. The shuttles independently know precisely where to take their products.

03 | Maximum flexibility

montrac® fits perfectly into any space and also allows transportation around tight bends and over multiple floors.

The modular design with fully compatible components enables the system to be quickly adapted to meet new requirements. If a process is modified, many of the components can be reused. As a result, the flexibility in terms of layout is practically limitless.

04 | Greater efficiency

Optimised your processes down to the last second and still losing costly production time? Thanks to the on-board power supply on its shuttles, montrac® enables you to test or process your workpieces during transport. Travel time consequently becomes production time.

In addition, thanks to automatic grounding the montrac® system meets the most stringent anti-static requirements – perfect for electronic, IT and circuit board sector applications.

Customised automation and transport systems

to meet every requirement

Increasing productivity and efficiency does not necessarily mean you need to increase the number of machines. A considerably faster and more cost efficient solution would be to automate and optimise the material flow. Where conventional conveyor systems are pushed to their limits in this respect, montrac® makes it possible.

The montrac® modular system offers maximum flexibility in terms of conveyor technology and virtually unlimited system design potential.

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