The Versatile Intralogistics System

montrac® is the intelligent automation and transport system for interlinking industrial production and logistic processes. montrac® offers a broad range of applications and guarantees exceptional levels of flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

01 | Intralogistics

Intralogistics and production processes generally optimised down to the last second. montrac® maximises material throughput in the shortest of cycle times and provides exceptional system stability. All this plus flexible expandability of the system as a whole.

02 | Process sequencing

In terms of assembly automation, montrac® masters complex transport tasks in confined spaces and over multiple floors – from a lot size of one in any given variant right through to high-volume production. montrac® also enables just-in-time operation of processing centres – reliably, trouble-free and around the clock. This allows individual production steps to be flexibly interlinked – right through to systematic process sequencing and the total automation of entire production lines.